Galkin was attacked during a concert

The artist joked too sharply in Israel.

At the last concert of Maxim Galkin in Israel, an incident occurred, as a result of which the comedian almost lost his eye.

According to the Telegram channel Instastarsnews, Maxim Galkin allowed himself a number of sharp jokes about Russia. The man present in the hall could not restrain his emotions and threw an apple at the Diva’s husband. The fruit hit the comedian right in the eye.

It is reported that after that Galkin continued his speech.

“Now you will have to live in Russia only in the hope of discounts at Pyaterochka. With education, we are also tight, only the “knowledge gurus” Blinovskaya, Sobchak and Lermontova remained. Only their courses come out at the price of Harvard,” said Maxim Galkin.

The comedian posted a photo with the consequences of the attack on a social network. Under the picture, the artist apologized to the people whose feelings he offends.

Photo source: Maxim Galkin screenshot / Social networks

“I want to apologize to everyone who could be offended by my words. This is just humor, ”Galkin said.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Mikhail Sychev

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