It all happened on the Hoy program, where the now 21-year-old also met with Arath de la Torre

By: Valeria Contreras N.

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In 2012 the second season of Little gigants, broadcast of which the ‘Mega Estrellas’ squad, made up of Rogelio, Gretchen, Max and Ireland, who now lived an emotional reunion with Galilea Montijo nine years after being part of the television program.

It all happened in the Hoy program to which Irlanda Valenzuela attended as a guest after her participation in El Retador. During the morning broadcast, the young woman not only delighted the conductors and viewers with her powerful voice, she also met, after so many years, with Galilea Montijo and Arath de la Torre, who was a judge in the production.

Through her official Instagram account, the 21-year-old today shared the traditional memory photo in which the three appear smiling for the camera.

Thanks to the Hoy program for the invitation and the reunion after 9 years with Galilea Montijo and Arath de la Torre”, He sentenced as a description of the image, which in a matter of minutes got thousands of ‘likes’.

However, the enthusiasm of Ireland Valenzuela was not the only thing that drew attention, also that in the profile of the Hoy program they showed how the driver reacted to seeing how big and different the young woman currently looks.

Galilea Montijo is left with his mouth open when he meets again with the girl from Pequeños Gigantes

And is that Galilea Montijo was left with his mouth open and he limited himself to detailing that Arath de la Torre was a judge for Little Giants in the season that Ireland participated. “This was the reunion between Ireland Valenzuela, winner of Pequeños Gigantes with our Chuli and Arath”, they sentenced in the recording.

The faithful admirers of the television stars applauded the meeting they had and confirmed that Ireland Valenzuela looks unrecognizable nine years after debuting in the children’s program, where he always attracted attention for his powerful voice.


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