Galilea Montijo is exhibited by her son on his birthday “Say it mom, you arrived raw”

Galilea Montijo presenter on the Hoy program, he celebrated his birthday number 48 in full live broadcast, however it was a comment from his son that made the driver a bit serious about the inconvenience that he made him go through, however there was no lack of laughter.

The famous Televisa hostIn the morning broadcast, she was celebrated by her colleagues Andrea Legarreta, Andrea Escalona, ​​Paul Stanley, as well as Lamba García, there was cake, details and surprises. Even Galilea Montijo was visited by his son Mateo to the forum and several secrets surfaced.

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During the broadcast of this Friday, June 4, the Hoy program surprised its star host, Galilea Montijo on the occasion of its celebration of one more year of life; However, not everything went as expected since the tapathy it was displayed in its inconvenient state.

Far from the television forums, the model Guadalajara has a marriage to Fernando Reina Churches with whom he procreated his only son, Mateo Reina Montijo, who was the star guest of the Hoy program and undoubtedly highlighted the great humor he inherited from his mother, as they spent it laughing and doing a dynamic.

Since the broadcast of the morning show Hoy began, the production reported that Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, known as Galilea Montijo would be the main star on the occasion of his birthday. The soap opera actress Mexicanas received endless surprises, including the arrival of her son Mateo Reina.

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It was in the section of Hoy called “Manotazo” where Galilea Montijo de chestnut brown eyes He competed against his first-born, Mateo Reina, who to everyone’s surprise confessed that his mother was in an inconvenient state on the program, or as they say colloquially, was raw, this in front of all the hosts of the Hoy program.

The boy Mateo Reina assured that Galilea Montijo that started his artistic career in 1993, It was raw, so she asked him to be honest and tell the truth to the other collaborators of the morning. As expected, the statement did not go unnoticed by the other drivers, who expressed their uncertainty.

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During this mechanic, they had to express some secrets of their daily relationship. It was thus that it was discovered that Mateo Reina calls his mother “boss”, that the first thing he drinks when he gets up is coffee and that on one occasion the little boy made her go to great shame. mexican Galilea Montijo when saying that it was “raw”.

“Say it mom, you arrived raw,” recalled Mateo Reina Montijo. The segment stood out for the humor and transparency of the child, but also the deep love that Galilea Montijo, actress in The Death of a Cardinal, he professes his only son. Likewise, they shared that as a mother she uses the phrases a lot: “now we see it”, “wait for me a little while” and “the flip flop”.

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Regarding the latter, Galilea Montijo who was born on June 5, 1973 He pointed out that although it is no longer allowed to hit children with the flip-flop, it does feel good to lift the sandal. “But it’s very nice to do like that, because of the flip,” said the driver. Finally, Mateo revealed that he likes everything about his mother and that she is very pampering.


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