Galaxie, the formidable new tool of the tax authorities to track fraudsters

The tax authorities continue to modernize, to the great despair of fraudsters! A new tool has recently been available to investigators: called Galaxy, it gives them a much more comprehensive and refined understanding of taxpayers’ assets.

Investigators from the Direction générale des finances publiques (DGFIP) now have a formidable new tool at their disposal to conduct their investigations. The Galaxie system allows them to cross-check multiple sources of taxpayer information. This information comes from databases held by the State.

Data crossing

Galaxie can cross-reference the existing equity links between professional entities and between professional entities and natural persons (in other words the links between managers, partners and shareholders), with on the other hand contextual elements on the financial and tax situation of taxpayers . Business leaders are particularly targeted, but in general it is all taxpayers presenting a financial stake who may be of interest to the DGFIP.

Galaxie will rely on documents such as the tax number, the identity of the spouse, the date and place of birth, but also the SIREN number, the name of the company, the legal status, the activity carried out… The system also has access to tax and financial data (taxes, taxes, tax regime, tax address, etc.).

Until now, investigators had the greatest difficulty in reconciling this information given its compartmentalization. With Galaxie, the DGFIP inherits a powerful tool but which raises questions for its detractors about the use of data. The Cnil has given its agreement but some wonder if the rights to the use of personal data are well respected, knowing that the tax administration can keep this information for ten years.

The fight against tax evasion is bearing fruit. After a break in 2020 due to the health crisis, the tax authorities were able to recover 10.7 billion euros in additional revenue linked to tax adjustments in 2021, or 37% more than the previous year.



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