Gael Faure at the Estivale: “I like the slowness”

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Gael Faure is on the bill this evening at the Estivale, for an evening honoring texts in French

Take some time to listen to Gael Faure. © Thomas Laisne

Take some time to listen to Gael Faure. © Thomas Laisne

Published on 28.07.2022

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Estavayer-le-Lac” “We will have to start by changing all that, perhaps having to rethink everything about our lives, our choices”, sings Gael Faure on his title The work of our lives. In the clip for this single, pinecones replace smartphones, and we think it would be a brilliant idea to clear our heads rather than stuffing it with nonsense. This song inviting us to reconnect with nature is taken from his EP L’eau & la peau, which was released a while ago. But the French author and composer, who is playing this evening at the Estivale, has already started to rewrite titles, which will be released on a more or less long opus. He has no specific plan. The one who now lives in Mallorca likes to free himself from the shackles of the music industry, creating

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