Gabriel Soto breaks the silence, is he divorced from Irina Baeva?

After unexpectedly putting his wedding plans on hold, the actor opens up

By: Pauline Flowers


Gabriel Soto breaks the silence, is he divorced from Irina Baeva?

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After Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva the cancellation of their long-awaited wedding was made official by rumors about an alleged separation They soon became even more relevant after the actress announced a trip to Europe without her fiancé; however, this is the soap opera heartbreaker that breaks the silence, is it true that they are estranged?

It was during a recent interview with a television program that the actor of ‘Divided Love’ and ‘Single with daughters’ put an end to speculations about his relationship with the star of Russian origin.

“Everything very good, wonderful, happy happy”, I make it clear.

Of course, the television star anticipated the questions that would surely arise about how the wedding plans he had for this year turned out.

“I know they’re going to ask about the wedding, is on hiatus because of the conflict in Russia and Ukraine, we know that and let’s wait for the novel to end and everything becomes a little clearer,” he reiterated.

“Yeah, why not? Haciendas, beaches, there’s everything, cenotes, let me get my pen out, I’m going to write it down and talk to Irina about it now that I’m back in Mexico,” he shared.



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