Gabriel Katopodis crossed Javier Milei for defending river pollution: “Your ideas are a danger”

Gabriel Katopodis crossed Javier Milei for defending river pollution: “Your ideas are a danger”

The Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodisaffirmed that the ideas of the candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileyare a “danger”, in reference to the statements made by the libertarian presidentialist about contamination: “A company can pollute a river all it wants”. The libertarian was also questioned by the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate, Sergio Massa.

“Your ideas, which are a danger, should be applied on some other planet, not on this one where 8,000 million human beings live,” shot Katopodis. from his X account (ex Twitter.

The national official continued: “This week, for 3 days, we were at the 27th edition of the National Water Congress for the 50th anniversary of the National Water Institute (INA), debating, studying and developing plans for a sustainable use of water in our country”.

“The most prepared and trained people from Argentina and the region on this topic passed through #CONAGUA2023. A pity that you did not come, it would have helped you think about this problem from the 21st century and not from the 16th century,” he added.

Along these lines, he charged Milei again: “Millions of Argentines need safe water and sanitation, millions of hectares need irrigation and our rivers have the capacity to generate hydroelectric power, but for you the contamination of water courses is solved with the invisible hand of the market”.

“Meanwhile, people and animals are dying as a consequence of the contamination. You cannot deny climate change and global warming,” concluded Katopodis, close to President Alberto Fernández.

During the past week, Milei referred to the issue in a speech at the Argentine Economic Congress, which was held in La Rural in the city of Buenos Aires. “We have poorly defined the right to property. Where is the damage if a company pollutes rivers? That company can pollute the river all it wants because they don’t see the general equilibrium problem, which is that there is excess water.”

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This Sunday Massa He came out to rival the libertarian economist on social media. Through a message on Twitter, the founder of the Frente Renovador (FR) said that he is a “horror” to deny climate change.

In his publication, the Tigrense cited a statement by the 2021 La Libertad Avanza candidate, in which he assured that “global warming is a lie.”

Massa quoted that statement and responded: “We know that you don’t care about destroying the planet or anyone’s life. I believe in taking care of the environment. Everything can be sold for you, from a lung to the rivers.”

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