The body of 23-year-old Brian Laundrie was found Oct. 20 in a nature reserve in northern Florida after he was reported missing in September, just after police described him as a “person of interest” in Florida. investigation into the death of influencer Gabby Petito.

“Chris and Roberta Laundrie were told the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and that it was suicide,” attorney Steven Bertolino said in a statement.

The two “continue to mourn the loss of their son and hope that these findings will allow both families to turn the page,” he added.

Petito’s case caused a huge media stir in the United States for several weeks. Petito and Laundrie left New York in July to travel around the country in a van for four months after the young woman resigned.

For days, they posted photos on social networks in which they appear smiling on a journey that seemed idyllic. However, on September 1, Laundrie returned without his girlfriend to North Port, Florida, where they lived with his family.

The move raised suspicions about Laundrie’s role in the 22-year-old’s disappearance, especially after Laundrie refused to answer police questions and fled on 13 September.

The worst predictions regarding Petito turned out to be confirmed. The body was found Sept. 19 in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. On October 12 it was reported that Petito had been strangled to death.

A video posted in September by police in Moab, a small Utah town, raised even more suspicion around Laundrie. In the images, Petito appears crying in a car, after the police intervened in a conflict between the couple.

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The story is common in a country where hundreds of thousands of people disappear every year. But the media coverage of the case generated controversy over the disproportionate attention given to the disappearances of white women compared to those belonging to minorities.

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