Former FBI agent Terry Turchie told Fox News that fugitives like Brian Laundrie “tend to try to figure out” how they can get into their “comfort zone” while on the run and are often located in those same places.

Laundrie, 23, is wanted on fraud charges for using 22-year-old girlfriend Gabby Petito’s debit card, and is considered by authorities to be the only “person of interest” in the investigation into the murder of the young woman who had been named disappeared last September 11th.

“People don’t change because they become fugitives,” said Turchie, who spent a year in the mountains of North Carolina between 1998 and 1999 leading the search for Eric Robert Rudolph – a bomber known for causing terror in the US South. “They tend to try to figure out how they can stay in their comfort zone.” The fact that Laundrie enjoys hiking, and only a few experts have suggested that he will find himself traveling in the desert or on the road, and several potential sightings have been reported, this theory has gained credibility. However, there are those who believe that the fugitive may be closer to home and receive help from other people.

“It is evident that he is not in a camp or in a cave somewhere cold or with water full of snakes. He is in a place where he is likely to be cared for by other people,” Turchie said. “When you look at the way he ran home again after something obviously happened… it basically tells you what he’s probably doing right now.”

Laundrie and Petito were traveling across the country when the girl disappeared and Laundrie returned to her home in North Port, Florida, on September 1st. Laundrie’s parents only reported his disappearance to authorities on Sept. 17, but recently said the last time they saw him was four days earlier.


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