Al-Ahly coach Rene Feiler confirmed that he appreciates the frustration of some of his team’s players from not participating mainly in the matches.

In remarks on Al-Ahly’s channel, Filer pointed out that Saleh Jumaa has good technical capabilities, but he needs a number of other things to participate in the meetings.

“Our job is to solve problems, we will definitely not be able to solve all of them, but we are working on it,” said Fyler. “This is my role as coach, and I tell the fans that the team is not a player or two, we have to play as a team and not as players.”

He continued, “I depend on all players, not on a specific player. Unfortunately, there are impressive absences due to injuries, but I do not think about it, I only think about playing as a team.”

He added: “Any player who does not participate constantly is frustrated and that I fully appreciate, but everyone knows its importance to me and I told them that, whoever participates as a base or reserve is important to me.”

And he added: “I have my own ideas and ask them from the players, if they respect my thought, then this is great, but not all players respect that, sometimes there are players who are sad for not participating, but I cannot satisfy all players, and they have to accept the football system.”

He concluded: “I do not like to talk individually about a player, but Saleh Jumaa is technically a wonderful player, and he must be technically, mentally and physically ready, he must move in the right direction on the field, he must be useful on the field, he must improve his performance to participate with us next period”.