Ángel Di María is one of the men of the moment. The PSG crack comes from scoring a historic goal in the final of the Copa América against Brazil and now he made the news for a very particular story …

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Happens that A churros seller appeared in Rosario who was surprised by his resemblance to Fideo. His image immediately went viral and he became famous, rapidly multiplying sales. “I don’t say that I look alike but people do”Alejandro, a native of Barrio Acindar, explained in a talk with Rosario 3.

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The churrero said that his life changed completely since last Sunday, after the former Real Madrid defined above Ederson to seal the long-awaited title. Turns out that a shopper who passed by his stall compared him to Di María shouting “Hey, Fideo!“and nothing was the same.

In addition, he said that it is not the first time that his resemblance has been mentioned to him. In fact, for several years now, he has been nicknamed the same as the former Central, but now, as a result of the consecration in the Maracana, Alejandro lives days of glory when he sees how the sale of churros grows by leaps and bounds.

“A long time ago some boys told me that I looked like Noodle, I asked who he was and there they told me, I didn’t know him, some have even asked me for autographs“He said, laughing, and added that he is a River fan.

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In addition, he said that he does not seek to profit from his resemblance, but that it is the people who emphasize it. “I am a churrero, I live from this and I have dedicated myself to this for 14 years”, completed Alejandro, who, like Di María, lives days of glory.