Funeral of Ivana Trump: the emotion of Massimo Gargia, Orlando and Nicoletta

On July 14, when France was celebrating, the Trump clan was at half mast. Ivana Trump, ex-wife of the former president of the United States, was found dead in her New York apartment at the age of 73. His family, including his daughter Ivanka, paid tribute to him: “Growing up, my mother didn’t tell me that a woman could do anything she wanted. She showed me“? she declared, also claiming that she was “a pioneer for men and women.“His funeral was celebrated the following July 20 during a Catholic ceremony under close surveillance. Not everyone was able to attend. This is the reason why a tribute mass was also organized in France.

During her lifetime, Ivana Trump loved to put her suitcases in Saint-Tropez, very famous for the jet-set. She had her habits and her companions there. This Tuesday, August 9, at the church of Saint-Tropez, so many of them attended the tribute mass organized in his honor. The singer Nicoletta and her husband Jean-Christophe Molinier were present, Soraya Kashoggi, ex-wife of a wealthy Saudi businessman also, alongside the actress Grace de Capitani, Massimo Gargia, party organizer and Orlando , the brother of the late Dalida.

After exchanging a few words with the guests during this reunion, Massimo Gargia, dressed all in black, spoke in front of the assembly to pay tribute to his friend. The latter was supposed to find her in Saint-Tropez even a few hours after her tragic disappearance: “She had to take off to join me in Saint-Tropez two hours after her deathhe told the magazine Gala. She had been very depressed by the Covid, which terrified her, and by the disappearance of her last husband, actor Rossano Rubicondi, whose health costs she had financed despite their divorce.

Very touched by his death, Massimo Gargia once again saluted the personality of Ivana Trump, to whom he was very close: “She was a former ski champion. Very strong physically. […] A lovely woman, very intelligent, who was very funny in private when she didn’t have to play a role in defending herself.“A friendship that life has decided to end sooner than expected…

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