Funds allocated to create lottery for vaccinated people in Puerto Rico

Governor Pedro Pierluisi announced that the government will soon begin to distribute $ 520.5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The governor, together with the secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés Alicea and the executive director of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (AAFAF) Omar Marrero, also reported that they will be assigned $ 111.5 million for ongoing pandemic response initiatives.

Among the funds allocated are $ 10 million for vaccination incentives that will include lotteries and raffles with special prizes such as stays, cars, among others.

What’s more, $ 20 million will be for the genomic surveillance program of the Puerto Rico Department of Health, which seeks to monitor this COVID-19 virus and identify new strains and $ 1.5 million for the creation of a digital vaccination passport which is already in process, to be able to identify those vaccinated easily and in a way that ensures data privacy.

On the other hand, $ 5 million to ASSMCA for the development of a mental health aid program, as we need to start measuring the effects of the pandemic on the mental health of our people, $ 50 million to mitigate pandemic losses to private hospitals and CDTs and $ 25 million for hospitals public.

“The government of Puerto Rico is receiving over $ 2.47 billion to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve the economic recovery we need. Today I am announcing the first phase of disbursement of the money that has reached the government of Puerto Rico directly. and that will begin in the coming weeks. We will continue working to continue identifying needs and providing the necessary tools to provide real solutions to our people, “said the governor.

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