Fund in Florida: More papers discovered in Trump storage room

Status: 08/12/2022 09:02 am

In the dispute over secret documents from his tenure, the pressure on former US President Trump may increase further. According to American media, two more documents were found – by Trump’s own people.

According to media reports, at least two classified documents have been discovered in a storage room belonging to former US President Donald Trump in Florida. A team hired by Trump himself made the find, the Washington Post and CNN reported, citing informants familiar with the matter.

Documents handed over to the FBI

The documents marked classified were turned over to the FBI. No information is available about its contents.

Trump’s team investigated the storage room as part of a larger search of several Republican properties, it said. Trump had previously been asked to comment on whether he had given the FBI all documents classified as confidential, secret or top secret.

Dispute over secret documents

The background to this is the dispute over how government documents should be handled, which has been going on for months: On August 8, the FBI searched Trump’s private property in Florida and, among other things, seized documents from his tenure marked “Secret” and “Top Secret”.

Before that, the National Archives — which is responsible for storing presidential records — had been trying to get Trump’s papers for months. By keeping the papers at his home, the 76-year-old could have been guilty. The investigation also deals with the allegation of obstruction of justice.



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