Fully vaccinated and still corona: this is how it is

Hell yes. The vaccination protects you against getting sick from the coronavirus, but unfortunately you are not completely immune. There are some studies that show that vaccination also reduces the transmission of the virus from one person to another.

How well your vaccine works depends on which one you got. For example, the vaccinations with Pfizer and Moderna – which are now mainly used for injections – are more than 90 percent effective in preventing disease from the corona virus. This means that 90 percent fewer people get corona complaints in a group of vaccinated people than in an (equally large) group of people who have not been vaccinated, according to RIVM.

2. When will I be fully – well, almost – protected against the coronavirus?

That also differs per vaccination. If you have been injected with Moderna or AstraZeneca, you are fully protected two weeks after your second injection. If you have received the Pfizer shot, you will be well protected one week after your second vaccination. If you get Janssen or only one shot because you have already had corona, you will be fully vaccinated two weeks after your vaccination.

3. What is the chance that you will still get corona after your full vaccination?

That chance is very small, but certainly not zero, according to RIVM. But if you’re such unlucky, you probably get less sick than without vaccination in your immune system.

4. How is that even possible?

As we wrote before, you are protected on average one to two weeks after your full vaccination. Complete means: 60 to 90 percent of the people. So not everyone is protected and the virus can still spread. It is therefore important to still adhere to the general corona rules after the vaccination.

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