The controversy that does not stop. This can be called the case of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada and its controversial suspension while the rest of the last day in Second was disputed normally. On a day marked by the hospital admission of a Fuenlabrada player, whose staff, technical staff and staff continue in a hotel in La Coruña, Deportivo decided to throw the rest in his battle for what he understands is an unfair decline, without playing his game , and denounced the Madrid club for traveling without own doctor. The Madrid team already has a total of 16 positive cases for Covid-19. Twelve of them are in the expedition that traveled to Galicia and the remaining four stayed in Madrid.

Likewise, Dépor requested before the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) the precautionary suspension of the competition in the silver category, whose resolution is added every day in gibberish, as a dispute is still pending. ‘playoff’ promotion to First of which the Fuenlabrada could be a part in case of scoring in Riazor. Since the game seems increasingly far from being disputed in a short period of time due to the health situation of the Madrid squad, the doubt hangs over the promotion phase and the next season format in a silver category that could be 24 teams. This is stated by Deportivo, in a solution shared by the mayor of Soria, Carlos Martínez, who also considers the interests of the city club, Numancia, involved in the fight to avoid relegation, and who ultimately lost the category, to be damaged.

Beyond the sporting situation, the Minister of Culture and Sport, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, offered his opinion on the subject and assured that the Fuenlabrada “should not have traveled”. “That is clear to us,” he added. The minister expressed his willingness to analyze what did not work correctly in a protocol “that was very well designed by the parties” and that “has worked in 99.9% of the parties.” “But we must find out why not this time,” he added. In any case, the head of Culture and Sports defended the decision to resume professional competition in Spain despite the fact that other countries opted to suspend, such as France: “We chose to celebrate and, also, without the public, with good judgment , and it has been carried out with total normality ».