The football-health series between the League, Fuenlabrada and its 28 coronavirus positives continues to grow at a rapid pace without a viable solution that satisfies all parties. The Madrid club has announced that it feels like a “victim” and that the situation has directly affected its aspirations to get a place in the ‘play-off’ for promotion to the First Division in the absence of the last day against Deportivo de La Coruña. It is a problem that Javier Tebas wants to avoid yes or yes.

The crisis is becoming an increasingly less subtle game of chess. The competition does not want to expose itself more and unilaterally ends the regular season, quarantining the Madrid team, eighth in the standings with options to tie with Girona, fifth, in case of taking all three points. The League has moved tab to show public gratitude for the sporting generosity of Fuenlabrada, highlighting its ability to accept the cancellation in a first statement and at the same time making the procedures to confirm that Elche will be the team that enters in the shortlist of candidates to win a category. The action-reaction has been immediate. Fuenlabrada has clarified minutes later the statement of the body that manages professional state football assuring that “NO” give up playing against Deportivo if conditions are favorable.

“The club does NOT give up playing the game. It shows its willingness to play in case it is viable when its players are in good condition. We understand that the League is not the only competent body to make this decision. The decision also is in the hands of the Competition Committee of the RFEF and, if necessary, of the Superior Council of Sports.The fact that in the previous communiqué we announced that we would abide by the decision, does not mean that it should not be taken with all the organs competent and based on objective reports. The Fuenlabrada is not considered outside the ‘play-off’ “, comments a second official communiqué, complementing his account of the facts to move away from any responsibility.

“We are aware that we have strictly complied with the protocols and that we have followed the instructions given to us by Laliga at all times, which has not prevented the current situation. We understand that without any guilt we are at the center of a problem that also affects four clubs: Zaragoza, Almeria, Girona and Elche, who are also pending their legitimate ambition to play the ‘play-off’ “, he insists. Javier Tebas is rocking his mea culpa via social media, appealing to fate to find compensation for the possible resignation of the team from the Community of Madrid.

From 12 to 28 cases

This chaos comes hours after 12 new coronavirus positives were reported on Saturday to extend the total to 28 cases after the latest wave of PCR tests. The data accentuated the three-way series between the team, the Professional Football League and the Superior Sports Council, which calls for accountability. “Four of those affected are in Madrid and had no contact since the match against Elche on July 17. The other eight new cases have been negative since Saturday 18 and, after eight days and despite being isolated in their rooms for the last six days, today the results have been positive “, explained the first statement issued by the Madrid club, and he assured that this is a context of new positives and regrowths, with cases of professionals who had previously overcome the disease.

“In addition, among the 12 new cases there were two people with antibodies for having already passed the coronavirus and, instead, they tested positive in this last test,” he said. The League has asked Deportivo de La Coruña on Sunday for their players to undergo PCR tests for coronavirus next Tuesday, eight days after their match with Fuenlabrada was suspended due to positive cases.

A case in the phase of ascent to 2a B

The football-related coronavirus crisis also affected the Spanish Federation (RFEF), which had to postpone the promotion match to Segunda B Portugalete – Sestao River on Saturday hours before a positive case. ranks of the whole of the Basque Country. “Minutes before 14.00 in the afternoon we learned through the Basque Football Federation that in the immediate environment of a player of the Club Portugalete there was a positive coronavirus,” said the RFEF. The club, meanwhile, wanted to clarify that the affected player “is fine and without any symptoms” and that no other professional in its organization chart has any clues that invite you to think about more cases.