Frying Pan, the most dangerous hotel in the world, located in the Atlantic Ocean

The Frying Pan Tower, a former mining base also used as a lighthouse, located in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by sharks, is a sensation among tourists eager for new experiences.

A hotel surrounded on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. However, it attracts tourists constantly.

The former lighthouse was abandoned in the late 1970s. Later, it was bought by Richard Neal, a programmer who transformed it into a half-board hotel and at the same time a unique destination, especially for those who are passionate about adventure.

Access to the Frying Pan is by helicopter, there is a helipad above the building
frying pan
Access to the hotel can also be done by boat, there is a system of pulleys that raises a platform to the floor

It may not have a spa, a proper dining room or a swimming pool, but the unique rooms and breakfast are enough for a truly unforgettable experience, somewhere off the Atlantic Ocean, home to one of the strangest and dangerous hotels of the world.

Located 30 miles off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, Frying Pan is a former United States Coast Guard base, Nicknamed “Graveyard of the Atlantic”the unique hotel is famous for the shark zone in which it is located and for the hurricanes that roar past it.[sursa]

Frying Pan, an extremely unusual hotel

For prices ranging from $500-$1,500 for two nights, a person can enjoy endless views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as amenities such as showers, electricity and even Wi-Fi.

Access to the hotel is only possible with the help of a helicopter or a boat, and for that those who want to have to take out more money from their pockets. The Frying Pan Tower has eight bedrooms, and the space is enough to accommodate 12 people.

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The interior has been kept as original as possible, to let the specific air of the 1970s be felt by tourists.

frying pan
frying pan
frying pan
Images from inside the Frying Pan

In addition, visitors can play golf from the lighthouse roof. This is also where you can see the most beautiful sunrises over the Atlantic and the clearest star pictures. And, according to the owner, the fishing doesn’t compare to other places either.

frying pan
The hotel offers splendid scenery, and tourists can do various activities

The Atlantic Ocean property cost $500,000

Richard Neal, the owner of the hotel, bought this one the base for $500,000 when the US government put it up for auction in 2010.

“Basically, I bought a really big house, like the ones in the tree. When I opened the door to a room smelling of the 1960s. It was as if I had stepped through history, nothing had changed. It’s like a giant toy box, you find all kinds of fun things to do. I fell in love with this irreparable place from the first moment.”said Richard Neal.

Another interesting detail related to this hotel is the fact that its entire restructuring was carried out by volunteers. The mission of this tourist attraction is not to make a profit, but to preserve a unique part of United States history.

The lighthouse was built to prevent ships from running aground, but at the same time it offered for decades the opportunity to see the ocean from 25 meters above it.

Watch in the video below some sequences from the Frying Pan, one of the most unusual hotels in the world

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