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Forces and media from the Northwest Detachment of the Directorate of Border Troops captured, during the night of Tuesday, January 25, two Cubans residing in the United States, aboard a speedboat, one mile from the Punta Gobernadora lighthouse, in Bahía Honda, province of Artemisa, who illegally entered our jurisdictional waters, in a human trafficking operation.

Later, in the area of ​​Playa el Pino, in the same municipality, eight citizens (six men and two women) linked to the aforementioned operation were arrested and taken to the Bahía Honda PNR station.

The detained crew members and the captured speedboat were transferred to the captaincy of the Port of Mariel, with a view to carrying out the corresponding expert and investigative actions.

With this operation, the Border Guard Troops register, from the beginning of the year 2021 to date, the capture of 20 offending speedboats, organized and executed by unscrupulous elements linked to criminal organizations abroad, in order to profit, and to whom little or they are not interested in the lives of emigrants. In this regard, more than 30 human traffickers have been arrested, including 33 Cubans living abroad, four Mexicans and one American. It stands out that, in just 25 days, three speedboats have been captured, and seven traffickers from abroad have been arrested.

It is significant that, since the middle of last year, there has been an increase in the number of organized human trafficking operations in the United States, and with destination to that territory.

According to the information provided in the recent Round Table, the illegal departures from the country during 2021 had, as one of their characteristic features, more complex trafficking operations organized from the US, as well as repeated shipwrecks, with psychological traumas with consequences of for life.

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The Cuban government’s commitment is to guarantee orderly and safe migration; however, the socioeconomic impact caused by the genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade of the US government against Cuba, and the non-compliance with the migratory agreements by that country, encourages human trafficking and irregular migration in general.



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