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Monday 11 October 2021


Type 2 diabetes involves an inability to respond to insulin, which leads to high blood sugar. Diet regulation is known to be the key to managing diabetes.

The general consensus among health authorities is that diabetics should beware of fruit. However, one fruit has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, according to Sputnik.

Figs, which lower cholesterol due to their pectin content, can lower blood sugar levels when taken as an extract. A growing body of evidence indicates that this fruit has many anti-diabetic properties, according to the MediForum website.

Figs can be useful as a supplement when used in the treatment of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. One study found that fig leaf extract can lower blood sugar levels and maintain blood sugar levels.

These lowering effects are thought to be related to elevated concentrations of ADA in figs, which are among the highest levels in nature. A study found that adding a dose of fig extract to a glucose drink helped lower blood glucose and insulin levels from 30 to 120 minutes.


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