from tumble to tumble

from tumble to tumble

A very personal feeling and of which, there is no doubt that it is shared by some people, is the desperation that overwhelms us when we analyze the surrounding conditions in relation to the issues of attention to our city. In this context, we do not know if the despair and litany for this lukewarm government to end soon and with zero results for our city is greater, or the hope that the new principal will come and have a slight consideration for all our great needs that drown us

It is simply not conceivable that our city suffers from a total shortage of fuels and we do not have, in the first instance, an alert that warns us of what was going to happen, and, that despite not having been this delicacy with the Cuencanos, until the date the entity in charge of fuel supply, has not issued an official statement that lets us know what actually happened in the past few days; These procedures, in addition to being rude, expose the little consideration and respect that prevail in the bureaucratic spheres towards the Azuayos.

It is not about rain pouring down, but we do remember the abandonment of the access road to our city, the withdrawal of gas bottles, the scarce allocation of resources for payment of debts to our public entities, among many other facts that we are not going to understand. Touching on these few lines, we will discover that what happened is not a simple isolated event. (EITHER)

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