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Pope FRANCIS was DIMISSED by the Policlinico of ROMEThere are news about Pope Francis, now hospitalized for 10 days at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. After undergoing a scheduled colon surgery in recent days, the pontiff would have had to stay in the hospital for another 3/5 days. However, as the newspaper reported Republic, the Vatican has made it known that the Pope was discharged shortly after 9 on Wednesday 13 July.

The surgery, we remember, was planned to cure a disease called symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon, that is, a narrowing of one of the final sections of the intestine due to the infection of small pockets that form in its wall, the diverticula. The hospitalization of Francesco it had occurred in the early afternoon of
Sunday 4th July. Initially, a hospitalization of at least five days was announced, then extended due to the scruple of the doctors who wanted to allow Bergoglio, who will turn 85 in December, to recover calmly. “Among the many sick people met in these days, spokesman Matteo Bruni reported yesterday, the Pope addresses a special thought to those who, enticed, they cannot go home: that they can live this time as an opportunity, even if lived in pain, to open up with tenderness to the sick brother or sister in the next bed, with whom we share the same human frailty “.

The Papa now the convalescence should continue in his residence in Casa Santa Marta, where he will spend the whole summer as he usually does. In the month of July, however, as every year, public hearings remain suspended. International trips and visits are already planned for the autumn, starting with the one in Hungary and Slovakia announced just on the eve of hospitalization.


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