From the Health Park they point out that the risk factors for head and neck cancer are smoking, alcoholism and HPV

The head of the Clinical Oncology Service, Dr. Marcela María, Morinigo Kober, referred to the statistics recorded in the Parque de la Salud and stated: “These tumors are infrequent within malignant neoplasms, they represent up to 3% of the total” . However, they point out that the main risk factors for head and neck cancer are smoking, alcoholism and HPV.

“It is a very heterogeneous disease, since it affects different sectors of the head and neck, all of them are treated with similar treatments,” Morinigo Kober stressed.

He also added that the most frequent cases are in the oral cavity, tongue, internal mucosa of the mouth, gums, followed by those of the larynx and finally those of the pharynx.

Dr. Marcela Maria, Morinigo Kober.

Another issue addressed by the professional was the risk factors “head and neck cancer are tumors that appear in most patients due to risk factors that we can avoid, which are smoking and alcoholism.”

Likewise, he mentioned “another risk factor, more than anything else in oropharyngeal and some laryngeal type tumors, may be caused by infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV or HPV), the same infection that is associated with 99% of cervical cancers”.

Continuing with the topic, he specified “these tumors respond better to treatments and have a more favorable prognosis in relation to those related to smoking and alcoholism.”

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In relation to the treatments offered in the Health Park of the Province of Misiones, he stated that “in the cases of patients with inoperable locations or tumors, a radiotherapy treatment with concurrent chemotherapy is performed at the Missionary Cancer Institute, they are long treatments that last 7 or 8 weeks·.

While, he highlighted that in the Hospital Escuela de Agudos “Dr. Ramón Madariaga” head and neck specialist surgeons perform highly complex procedures to respond to patients with head and neck cancer”.

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Meanwhile, he gave information on some recommendations to take into account to prevent head and neck cancer. “It is advisable to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, not chewing coca or tobacco.” Along these lines, he emphasized some measures that can be carried out “it is recommended to have good oral hygiene; As for primary prevention, vaccination against HPV is essential.”

Lastly, he referred to ulcers (wounds) in any region of the mouth. “In the presence of a wound in the mouth, which does not heal after 2 weeks, it is advisable to consult the dentist, to be evaluated and thus prevent head and neck cancer.”

Source: Misiones Health Park



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