DHL: From now on, parcel carriers will collect a fee of 6 euros from you – if you order HERE

Deutsche Post: Package not arrived – what you have to do now

Deutsche Post: Package not arrived – what you have to do now

Many know the nuisance. You have ordered something, but the package has not arrived and you have no notification in your mailbox? Your hands are then not tied.

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Some DHL-Customers should have their wallet ready when the doorbell rings for them. In future, some recipients will have to pay the parcel carrier a fee of six euros at their doorstep.

Hundreds of thousands of customers from DHL could be affected in Germany. It’s about orders on the Internet, a recently due import sales tax and an additional service fee. But one by one.

DHL customers will have to pay fees in the future

If you order products from countries outside the European Economic Area from July 1st, you will now also have to pay import sales tax for goods below the value of 22 euros. An exception are orders from shipping platforms such as Amazon, which are based in the EU. These continue to take over the import sales tax.

Customers at other dealers from countries outside the EU, on the other hand, have to deduct the tax – when they hand over the goods at their doorstep. In addition to the tax, a service fee is also due. DHL demands 6 euros.

Trade experts assume that this regulation will lead to great anger among some customers, especially at the beginning. You suspect that many traders will not state the import sales tax to be paid or will not state it sufficiently. This would cause a rude awakening for many customers at their own front door.


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DHL introduces new service

DHL customers, on the other hand, should be very pleased with another piece of news. The parcel service had previously focused only on the delivery of parcels and parcels. In the future, however, the company also wants to deliver larger goods – and even offer additional services.

DHL Managing Director Katharina Pellmann: “When it comes to delivering furniture, for example, unlike regular parcels, it is particularly important to receive the delivery personally. Many customers want the goods to be set up in the right place and that packaging materials are taken back with them straight away. Both are included in our 2-man handling service. “(Dhe)

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