The rector’s appeal – to bring the Faculty of Medicine to Bergamo – has not fallen on deaf ears. The institutions have set in motion, to hit the missing result 55 years ago. “Today there are all the conditions to achieve this goal”, reiterates Remo Morzenti Pellegrini, who launched the idea by presenting the data of those enrolled in the test of access to the single-cycle master’s degree courses in Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry. For the first time the University of Bergamo is in fact home to the national test (on September 3, at 12, the same date throughout Italy), with 803 young people from Bergamo to try it. A participation also of great symbolic value: in one of the areas most affected by Covid, the younger generations make themselves available to a profession “on the front line”. “Alone as a University, already engaged on many fronts, we cannot do it, but in dialogue with the territory and the other universities, the time is ripe to make this leap”, the rector is convinced.

The mayor: «Here we go»