The siege of coronavirus. Italy, albeit not to the extent that was hoped for, has lowered the curve of the infections, which oscillate today between 200 and 300. In hospitals there are fewer Covid patients (in intensive care they have fallen to 41, even if in the other departments there was an increase, to be monitored, to 731); the situation seems to be holding because, however, the regions, compared to the past, are more timely in isolating the outbreaks. But there is a siege that does not allow you to remain calm: the epidemic flies to neighboring countries. It is almost naive to judge the progress of the infection by stopping at the borders with Menton in the west and Nova Gorica in the east. Spain and France, nations with which contacts are daily, travel at the rate of a thousand new cases a day. Catalonia, in particular, which had reopened everything, absolutely everything, with much more unscrupulousness than Italy, is now forced to take a sudden reverse, going to close pubs and night clubs. We must always remember that at least 25 thousand Italians reside permanently in Barcelona and the El Prat airport is an hour and a half flight from Fiumicino.

Coronavirus, the case of Romanian carers. «A thousand arrivals every week in Rome»

The other day, speaking to Catalunya Ràdio, the coordinator of the Unit Covid-19 of Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, ​​Robert Güerri, raised the alarm: cases of serious pneumonia are reappearing, he explained, even among young patients. But there is not only Catalonia, many cases have been recorded in Madrid, and outbreaks are everywhere: for example in Cordoba, Andalusia, an evening at the disco (indoors) caused about eighty positives. For now the Balearics are being saved. But travel to Spain from France and Belgium has been discouraged, even though this appears to be a paradox. France is seeing positive cases growing, around a thousand a day, then four times Italy. It also risks being a threat to our country which, paradoxically, after being in February and March the center of the epidemic is now in a better situation – for now and we emphasize for now – than those around it. In Italy, rightly, we are concerned because the RT (virus transmission index) in Lazio or Emilia-Romagna oscillates between 1.05 and 1.15, but in France, according to data from the Ministry of Health , that value in many regions is much higher. It is at 1.72 in Upper France (Lille), at 1.26 in Île-de-France (therefore Paris), even at 1.87 in Brittany. And in the southern regions, those closest to the border, it ranges between 1.1 and 1.5. Illusory to think that, with a resumption of the race of positive cases in areas with such constant contacts with Italy, our country will have no consequences. Even Switzerland, which has fewer inhabitants than Lombardy, yesterday counted 148 new infected. In Germany, with triple the daily cases of Italy, the minister-president of the Land of Saxony (eastern Germany), Michael Kretschmer, explained: «The second wave is already here, there are clusters every day. The work to counter them, however, is working well. “

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And then there is the Eastern front, which reaches up to countries that perhaps do not border with Italy, but from which hundreds and hundreds of people come every day. An increase in positive cases has been recorded in Serbia and Montenegro, but for citizens of these countries the borders are closed because they have been included in the list of 16 from which Italy cannot be reached. Different discourse for Romania and Bulgaria, for whom, being part of the European Union, a total ban would be complicated. Not only that: blocking returns from Romania would cause social problems as many immigrants have moved to their home country for the holidays, but have their lives and jobs in Italy.
But Romania is one of the Balkan countries in greatest difficulty, with the epidemic crushing higher numbers every day. Also yesterday 1,284 cases, five times the Italian ones in a nation that has a third of the inhabitants of our country. For now the quarantine obligation, set until 31 July, but it is not excluded that Minister Speranza may extend the provision. In Rome, moreover, every day among the cases of import there are also people arriving from other Eastern countries, such as Albania or Ukraine.
Spain, France, Germany, Romania: the European siege is the most insidious: the flights of Bangladesh can be blocked, as has been done, but against the coronavirus that is rampant near our borders the battle is much more complicated.

Last updated: 27 July, 10:01


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