From fitness to camping: the strangest gadgets to return to living in the open air

It is already happening. With the days getting longer, the doses of vaccine administered that increase and the areas of Italy that clear up the out-of-town trip, the weekend camping or the outdoor trip finally become drinkable options. The months of lockdown have changed us, returning to the open air will not be a walk in the park.

This is demonstrated by the numbers of a market that, as in the case of sporting goods, lost just over two billion euros in 2020. And that it is only now seeing the light. If we then add all that galaxy of gadgets and services for fitness and health we can focus more concretely on a billionaire market that has been almost entirely in the drawer throughout the lockdown but has not stopped growing.


According to Canalys, the global market for wearable, audio and wrist devices has grown throughout 2020. According to Canalys data, there are 432 million wearable audio accessories in the world today, while watches and smart bands for fitness amount to approximately 185 million. The agency predicts that the curve will remain uphill also in 2021.

So let’s talk about sports and health devices, wearable technologies, bracelets, smartwatches and everything we can carry around as long as we stay connected. Which if you want is a contradiction.

You escape from smartworking, screens, video conferencing, social media and video games to then maintain some connection with that life. And therefore pedometers, trackers and bracelets to measure our performance in the open air, but also wi-fi soaps to bring us the internet in second homes, TV series, social networks and maybe a piece of 2020. It’s called resilience and it never makes sense single.

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