From fine to dismissal: patience with unvaccinated people is running out in these countries

It has not yet been announced how high the so-called health contribution for unvaccinated in Quebec will be. But if it is up to local administrators, it will be a ‘significant’ amount.


“A matter of justice,” Quebec Prime Minister François Legault calls it. “Right now, these people are putting a very heavy burden on our healthcare network. I think it’s normal for the majority of the population to ask that there are consequences associated with this,” he said at a press conference, Canadian media outlets including The Globe and Mail.

The idea is that unvaccinated people thus contribute to the higher costs they cause for healthcare. Some 10 percent of Quebec residents are unvaccinated, even though they use half of the ICU beds, according to Legault, who said people with a valid medical reason will be exempted.

Pay your own hospital costs

The fifth wave of the corona pandemic has flooded hospitals in the French Canadian province, which is why strict measures were imposed last month. For example, schools, bars, theaters and cinemas were closed to contain the spread of the virus.

Quebec isn’t the only place making it harder for the unvaccinated. Greece will also introduce a vaccination obligation for people over 60 from January 16, on pain of a fine of 100 euros per month. While in Singapore medical costs of unvaccinated people who end up in hospital have no longer been reimbursed since the beginning of December. There, too, the government said at the time that “unvaccinated people place a disproportionate burden on health care.”


Last week, French President Macron made a big contribution. He consciously wants to harass unvaccinated as much as possible, he said in an interview that came in for a lot of criticism. Macron used the controversial word piss off, which loosely translated means ‘taunting’ or ‘chasing the closet’.

In practice, this will mean that unvaccinated French people will no longer be welcome in restaurants, coffee bars, theaters and cinemas from 15 January. In this way, Macron wants to deny them access to social life ‘as much as possible’, which in fact amounts to introducing a 2G policy where showing a negative corona test is no longer enough.

less pay

Since September, all employees in Italy have been obliged to show a corona pass (the so-called ‘green pass’) at work. Workers without vaccination or proof of recovery can be tested, but must pay for this test themselves. Anyone who shows up at work without a corona pass risks a suspension with wages withheld, plus a fine of up to 1500 euros.

The Italian government may now want to go a step further and make vaccination or a recovery certificate of up to six months old mandatory for all workers. They would then have to show a ‘super green pass’, which is already mandatory for visiting the catering industry, gyms, events, museums and festivals.

Not welcome at the office

In the United States, too, companies are increasing the pressure on unvaccinated workers. Google and Facebook, among others, are already demanding that people who want to work in the office be vaccinated, while in New York City all companies are demanding full vaccination.

President Joe Biden wants to make that mandatory nationwide for employees of the federal government, but has been blown back by the judge. This rule has already been announced in Singapore, where unvaccinated people will no longer be welcome at their workplace from next week, with the exception of people who are medically ineligible for vaccination.


Being unwelcome in the workplace seems only the beginning. About two hundred unvaccinated employees, including six pilots, have been laid off at United Airlines. Citigroup, one of America’s largest banks, has also announced that it plans to fire unvaccinated employees this month.


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