From A to Z. Your guide to creating a studio in your home

04:19 p.m

Wednesday 17 August 2022

“I’m in the Zoo” is a 19-second video title, believed to be the first video uploaded to YouTube by Jawed Karim, one of the founders of YouTube. With “YouTubers”, “Bloggers” and “Influencers” was launched, which is attended by thousands of young people who want to earn a lot of money and fame at the same time.

In this report, Masrawy helps you to establish a studio in your home at the lowest cost to earn money and fame.

First: You must choose a room in the house far from the balcony and the kitchen, and have a little foundation, to obtain the appropriate calmness and to prevent the sound from reverberating.

Second: Lighting is the most important element of photography. Using expensive cameras will not help if the lighting in the room is poor.

Regarding the equipment, we recommend:

studio equipment set

It consists of 4 pieces, with a high-quality soft case that provides optimal reflective performance in a relatively closed environment and a long-lasting bulb.

In addition, it ensures a uniform distribution of light to give you perfectly even lighting for the best possible shots.

The set is also suitable for different shooting needs, be it video shooting, portrait photography, fashion photography, children’s photography or still shots.

Redmi Note 11 mobile phone from Xiaomi

If you are looking for accuracy in photography and high quality, Masrawy recommends the “Redmi Note 11” mobile phone for you, as it is considered in the middle category, competing with other brands in camera quality.

It comes with a powerful 50MP quad-camera system (50MP main camera + 8MP ultra-high resolution + 2MP macro + 2MP depth) and a 13MP selfie camera.

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The brand new Redmi Note 11 mobile phone is characterized by a modern flat frame design, a fast charging battery of 33W (5000 mAh) and storage: 64 GB.

Ring lighting ring for live broadcasting and professional photography

If you use a camera, or even a phone during the shooting process, the Ring Light or the lighting ring is the right one for you, as it also has a tripod to hold the phone during photography, and it also gives you high , professionally distributed lighting

It is characterized by providing 3 degrees of illumination (white, warm and white), and it comes with a remote control for remote control, with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

3*5 Chroma Green Photography Background

Chroma helps you separate scene elements from the background and set the background you prefer in your videos.

Boya Dual Microphone Compatible with smart devices and digital cameras

The microphone does not have to be expensive, the most important thing is to provide quality, so we recommend the “Boya Duo” microphone, as it combines the right price and high quality during registration.



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