From $500 or less. What cheap cars on the go can be bought in confiscated

With cheap cars, everything rarely goes well, but when there is a conditional $ 500 for a purchase (and this is one of the popular queries in search engines), you can put up with many shortcomings, as long as you really are on the go. Let’s see what offers there are among confiscated cars. They say that sometimes you can find a real treasure there.

Mercedes-Benz E320 1988 fits into the budget up to $ 500 barely – its initial cost is 1253 rubles. The declared mileage is almost 701 thousand km. The car is equipped with “mechanics” and a two-liter diesel engine. If you believe the description of the Internet site, the engine starts, so we can assume that the car is on the move. The general condition is satisfactory: the interior is worn and dirty, the body is painted, there is corrosion, as well as various damage to the paintwork. The battery is discharged, but 20 liters of fuel are splashing in the tank, which is almost 50 rubles!

Renault Safrane is cheaper by a ruble, but the car is 7 years younger than Mercedes-Benz. Used condition is expected: chips, scratches, dents, corrosion, glasses are also far from ideal condition. But the 2.2-litre petrol engine is still alive and might keep the new owner busy for a while. The mileage, although it is indecent to write about it, is almost 190 thousand km. Even the battery does not need to be replaced!

Another “Frenchman” on the site is the Peugeot 605, released in 1993. “Mechanics”, a 2.1-liter diesel engine – everything is with him. In addition to the body, which is pretty battered by time and life, you will have to immediately prepare for the necessary expenses for installing glass in one of the doors, which simply does not exist. It makes no sense to list other problems: the car starts and even moves. Its starting price is 1168 rubles.

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Buying the well-known and once popular Renault 19 of 1995 can be even cheaper. Its main problem is the body, which seems to be losing in an unequal battle with rust. Corrosion has had time to eat through, including through holes, so you should not count on passing the technical inspection. However, the 1.7-liter petrol engine is in working order, so after some maintenance and a good wash, the car can probably still be turned into a vehicle. Its price tag is 1053 rubles.

The 1997 Opel Vectra doesn’t look like a car on the move, but the description says it is. However, an accident is not yet a verdict, because with a certain skill, it is most likely still possible to restore a car. Moreover, this is one of the cheapest Vectra station wagons in the secondary market of Belarus in principle. The cost of a privately owned model starts at about $1,000, while a confiscated Vectra is valued at 1,080 rubles, or about $420 equivalent.

VAZ-21083 can hardly be called a dream car, but these cars do not give up so easily. Since 1998, the car has seen life and now flaunts rust and various kinds of minor damage. What does not prevent him from moving around: the description says that the 1.5-liter engine starts, the car as a whole is on the move. The starting price is 1003 rubles, which is lower than the average cost in the market. The car from the lot is one of the “freshest” on sale among similar offers.

There was another Mercedes-Benz on the site. The input data are as follows: 1985 onwards, 2-liter diesel engine, “mechanics”, 351 thousand kilometers. It sounds good, but in fact the biggest problem is the body, which is frankly not good. The starting cost is 990 rubles, or about 387 dollars in equivalent. Among the advantages of the car, winter tires with little wear are noted. Now the cost of winter tires Cordiant dimensions like Mercedes starts from 150 rubles. for 1 piece, so the advantage can be really competitive.

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It would be strange if there were not at least a couple of products from the Volga Automobile Plant in the top among cheap cars. VAZ-21063, released in 1985, is not just a car, but rather a time machine: there are actually not so many of them on the roads and on sale. The condition is far from perfect, but simply from satisfactory. However, the car is sold marked “on the move”. The cost is from 907 rubles, which is almost the bottom of the market.

Daewoos have never been particularly expensive cars, and they can be found on the secondary market for frankly modest prices. Nexia 1997 from confiscated is the best confirmation of this. The car starts and promises to be on the move, but its main problem is the body. Nevertheless, this is one of the most inexpensive offers in the country – 819 rubles.

The cheapest car on sale and part-time “hello” from the past – Opel Kadett 1990 with a 1.3-liter engine. It seems that the body of the car is bursting at the seams, but the car is still able to move. And it costs from 526 rubles, which is about 208 dollars in equivalent.

Does anyone really need this?

Given the condition of many cars, the question is reasonable, but, as you know, sooner or later there is a buyer for every product. This is evidenced by the results of the auctions, which are available to everyone in the relevant section of the site. So, for example, in the past May, the site sold 39 vehicles, about 10 of which were sold at a price much less than the notorious $500. Natural doubts arise about their future on the roads, but there is definitely demand.

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How much do these cars rise in price as a result of auctions? It depends primarily on the machines themselves. Situations when a car was sold to a single auction participant with a price increase of 5% from the original one are not at all isolated. At the same time, bidding for more interesting cars can take place much more actively and with a significant increase in cost. So, for example, the results of trading for the first ten days of June look like. It looks like a $500 car isn’t just an idle search query.

Auto Year Fuel Starting price, rub. Selling price, rub. Price growth after trading, %
VAZ-21061 1985 Gasoline 402,90 423,04 5
Volkswagen Golf 1985 Gasoline 1350 1417,50 5
Ford Mondeo 1999 Diesel 1296 1823,59 41
Citroёn Xantia 1997 Gasoline 755,24 793 5
Mazda 323 1997 Gasoline 626,40 657,72 5
Opel Astra 1994 Gasoline 529,20 820,26 55
Ford Mondeo 1996 Diesel 563,44 760,63 35
Renault Laguna 1996 Gasoline 702 737,10 5
Mazda 323 1995 Gasoline 665,28 698,54 5



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