its the latest news. Pierluigi Diaco, the surprise announcement to You and Me: «From August 10th it will be live with us». During the live broadcast last Thursday, the conductor of Rai1’s living room announced the return of one of the “regular guests” of the program.

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Here are the words of Diaco: «From Monday 10 August, the dachshund Ugo will return live with us for a while. Friends with whom he plays in the park, during the hours of the broadcast, leave and so he will be a bit with us».

“The abandonment of the scenes” of the dachshund Ugo had not gone unnoticed. Many comments on Twitter from fans of the broadcast: «What happened to Ugo?». Diaco had explained that the dog would no longer be live to avoid tiring him too much, but the section on animals dedicated to him would continue until September. Now the announcement of the return of the dachshund. Welcome back Ugo.

Last updated: Monday 27 July 2020, 15:49