Friedkin Stadium feeds itself

Friedkin Stadium feeds itself

Next Thursday the public confrontation on the new Stadio della Roma will officially begin. This moment is foreseen by law not only with regard to stadiums, but more generally for all major works that have a real and consistent impact on the urban fabric that hosts them. So a moment that will be delicate and that will allow citizens to really understand what is in the project for the new stadium. […] The financial aspect is one of those that should be paid more attention, also and above all because it reveals the scope not only of the work in question, but more generally of the spending capacity of the Roma property. In fact, the Friedkin family owns companies capable of generating revenues, for 2022 alone, for a total of 11 billion dollars, employing over 6,000 people. We have already written about this in part. However, what is still not clear is how the stadium will (would) have a decisive impact on corporate finances. The only initiatives not related to matches (therefore the Museum, merchandising, various events) are estimated to be able to generate revenues of 70 million euros per year when fully operational. For this reason, it is further explained in the dossier, the financial sustainability of the company is calculated on the basis of an index which varies from 1.50 (in the period in which the debt contracted with the banks for the construction of the stadium will have to be repaid) and 1 .61 (once the debt has been paid off). To better understand each other, an index equal to 1 is equivalent to the breakeven of the costs incurred. We are essentially talking about a project that could only start thanks to the financial guarantees of the Friedkin family, but which aims to sustain itself in the long term, without burdening Roma’s coffers, regardless of who owns it. (The Romanist)

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