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Can love be a sin? No, no, she can’t, and certainly not when she appears so pure, so innocent as in the film that has been in the big fairy tale chest on YouTube since the day before yesterday. A man in his prime does not exchange rings with a woman in even better years, but does exchange nice thoughts. The situation is very intimate, but we can be there, see and hear the man stammering. With a sigh, he almost confesses to his beloved that he is “a little lacking in words”, but then he brings it out completely, the arch-poetic sentence: “I always wanted that restless sleep of the lover.”

But oh, that’s not true at all, that was a hearing mistake, the man says something completely different: “I always wanted that restless sleep of the entrepreneur.” As lovingly as the two look into each other’s eyes, as encouragingly as she pats his arm and assures “We can do it, Mathias!”, The disappointed romantic in the audience soon notices that this is about money, about a lot of money. Friede Springer, the main shareholder of Axel Springer, is giving her young CEO Mathias Döpfner, 57, shares worth more than one billion euros, and is also transferring his own voting rights to him. And yet love has to be involved, the two radiate out into the world so enthusiastically from this act of donation (the video is also subtitled in English) that no one thinks about the stupid money anymore. Everyone should know, everyone should experience how happy she is. “I feel very good,” said 78-year-old Friede Springer, now that “the contracts are so far”. One would have to have the heart of a Bismarck monument not to be touched by this chiseled sentence: “Mathias, you will be my successor.”

It is, Goddess complained, simply too little love in the world, all the more comforting for us that we are allowed to witness this spectacle of tender intimacy. There is a lot of wood in the background, and if you didn’t see the bibliophile volumes on the right edge of the picture, you could assume that the two found each other in the Finnish sauna. Years ago Döpfner declared that he was the last to sweat among colleagues, but here he seems a bit overwhelmed. From money or not from luck?

Because love is not “this birding in and out” like Franz Josef Wagner to us poeta laureatus from Image, just let know, but “when my partner pushes me in a wheelchair, when I remain loyal to him in illness and need”. So it has to be love after all, and such a pretty little billion as a morning gift is certainly not to be despised.


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