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Frida Sofía and the violent insults to Lorenzo Méndez husband of Chiquis Rivera

After the recent attacks that have starred in Alejandra Guzman's daughter, Frida Sofia Y Chiquis Rivera, her husband went out to defend her however Frida did not remain silent and also had some words for the former vocalist of La Limón band.

The granddaughter's reaction to Enrique Guzman He did not wait and responded with a blunt message accompanied by insults.

After the strong discussion that will arise from Chiquis Y Frida Sofia, the husband of Jenni Rivera's daughter, Lorenzo Mendez, he called the new singer mentally ill.

Pinc … dwarf hangs … I'll send you some heels, "he wrote in the post.

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The controversial daughter of Alexandra reacted instantly after Lorenzo Méndez went out to defend his beloved, however the intrusion came a little expensive.

Frida Sofia he made his posture known on Instagram stories his posture after the husband of Chiquis He will call her "crazy."

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And the singer also brought out the controversy that involved Chiquis Rivera a few years ago and Esteban Loaiza about the supposed relationship they both had while Jenni Rivera still lived to point out that the one with mental problems was someone else, suggesting her rival.

What do the eggs of stepfather know? Take her to the doc, right? "

And is that the daughter of the rocker He has not stopped publishing strong messages to the interpreter of "Cheer up and you will see" since prior to these messages he would have criticized the physicist of the singer as well as her nickname.

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The artist who recently entered the world of music wrote a message in which she said she did not understand why they called her "Chiquis".

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All the altercation between the two has been derived from the meeting of both at the Radio Awards where Frida participated as a conductor, however the root of everything was that the singer did not know celebrities of regional music.

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Such comment unleashed the outrage of Chiquis Rivera generating a war of hints between them.

Frida Sofía reacts to Lorenzo Méndez's comment. Capture Instagram

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