frequencies flirting with 6 GHz and +7% IPC for Zen 4?

AMD had done well during Computex, with their demo of a Ryzen reaching 5.5 GHz, but it could go much higher!

AMD Ryzen 7000 almost at 6 GHz stock?

During Computex, AMD had given more details on the performance of its Ryzen 7000s based on the Zen 4 architecture, with >15% single-core performance and 40% in multi-core (in a interview), while showing a frequency of 5.5 GHz reached by a prototype with 16 cores, while claiming that it was easy to reach this frequency.

AMD’s words suggest that the final frequencies may be higher than those revealed during the demo and a ” leak » would thus confirm this supposition.

Skyjuice ( would have got hold of the OPN codes of the next Ryzen 7000, a reference of which would mention the frequency of 5.85 GHz! That is almost almost 1 GHz more than the Ryzen 5000 (5950X: 4.9 GHz) and flirting with the 6 GHz bar.

That’s not all, concerning the IPC, Skyjuice would confirm an increase of 7% compared to Zen 3. Thus AMD would bet more on the frequency than on a new architecture despite the switch to 5 nm and a theoretical density increase of 80 % compared to 7 nm.

Of course, this is yet to be proven, even if the OPN turns out to be true, it is not mandatory that AMD release it for various reasons: yield ? instability? it will therefore be necessary to wait for the announcement to know the real frequencies. Despite this, the Ryzen 7000s will surely be able to delight overclockers just with the frequencies already formalized.



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