French start-up Buster.Ai raises two million euros

With a technology based on deep learning, the young French company offers an innovative solution to detect false information.

From this year 2022, we will all consume more false information than true, warns the benchmark firm Gartner. For several years now, the disinformation disseminated and shared en masse has been a real scourge for citizens, the media, public organizations and many businesses. Not to mention their colossal financial cost.

Since 2019, the French start-up Buster.Ai has developed a technological solution based on artificial intelligence, more precisely on deep learning to enable all fact-checking professionals, French companies and financial circles to verify information, claims, and documents.

Technological response

From an affirmation formulated in natural language, its technology is able to compare it with a set of classified sources (press agencies, media, encyclopedias, scientific resources, statistical data, government data, social networks, etc. ) to see which ones support or refute it. Its algorithms then lead to an overall reliability score. The tool also makes it possible to make correlations between events (information and the decline in a financial action for example) or to see the evolution over time of the recovery of information, etc … “We are teaching the machine to understand the meaning of what it reads, which is not yet the case with existing fact checking tools. It is a disruptive tool, a technology that did not exist before»Explains Julien Mardas, CEO of Buster.Ai.

Tested since 2019 by media such as AFP or the TF1 group, the tools are enriched as and when feedback is provided by new features, such as Buster. Ai now wants to serve finance professionals and businesses, who need to enrich and improve their information correlation work.

Presidential in the crosshairs

To accelerate its commercial development and expand access to its technology, the start-up has just raised two million euros from investment funds OneRagtime, Takara Capital and several business angels.

With the 2022 presidential election in their sights, the co-founders of, Julien Mardas and Aurélien Cluzeau, also hope to help the media to be more efficient and rapid in the avalanche of information and data to be processed in near real time. . And to work better in collaboration with each other. “The media are not equipped today effectively with technological tools to collaborate effectively on fact-checking. However, the candidates have understood this well, who can talk about four different subjects in the same sentence.»Explains Julien Mardas, CEO of Buster.Ai. wants to accelerate research and development, but also the marketing of its offer to SBF 250 companies and financial market players (traders, fund managers, hedge funds), who for other reasons also have need to fight against disinformation or to deepen their work on information. This fundraising will enable it to recruit new talents, to expand its team, which now numbers around ten people. “We want to industrialize the processing of giving it, to be able to annotate it faster and more precisely, to offer more reporting features, etc.… ”explains Julien Mardas.

«In just two years, Buster.Ai has developed an innovative and concrete technology that provides a pragmatic solution to the fragmented ecosystem of fact-checking solutions.»Underlines Stéphanie Hospital, CEO and founder of OneRagtime, who supports Buster.Ai



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