French sperm in danger

According to researchers from the Institute for Public Health Surveillance (inVS), the quality of sperm is declining in France. The cause ? The role of endocrine disruptors, such as pesticides used in agriculture.

For example, a 35-year-old man saw the average concentration drop from 73.6 million sperm per milliliter (ml) of semen in 1989 to 49.9 million / ml in 2005. Despite this very sharp drop, sperm concentrations remain low. average in the fertile standard of the WHO (higher than 15 million / ml), however notes Dr. Joëlle Le Moal, of the InVS.

Researchers from the Institute have also noted that Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées are particularly affected by this drop in the quality of sperm.

“Wine-growing activities are those where the most pesticides are used in proportion to the surface”, advances as the reason Dr. Le Moal, who adds that the population is exposed “since the 1950s” endocrine disruptors contained in pesticides.