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While the French GP has disappeared from the F1 calendar this year, the boss of the discipline Stefano Domenicali was clear on the subject, during an interview with L’Equipe.

Visibly, Stefano Domenicali would not be against yet another return to Formula 1 in France. Quite the contrary, but “it takes two to get married” wanted to remind the latter. On the program between 2018 and 2022, except in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, after having disappeared from 2009 to 2017, the Grand Prix de France is indeed no longer present on the calendar in 2023.

In a season with 23 races, which is a record, the absence of a passage through Le Castellet is surprising but seems to be justified quite easily according to the boss of the discipline, present this weekend in Florida for the Miami GP. ” We respect everything France has done for our sport. You have great drivers, you have a team, you have a large audience, explained in particular the Italian, who was once the director of Ferrari, on this subject. Just come see us to talk. »

Sport Domenicali points to a lack of interlocutors in France

“I am delighted to learn (that the Paul-Ricard circuit is ready to extend its contract). Now, F1 has once again become a sport of interest. You cannot say: I come because I am France. More than anyone, I want your country back on the calendar, but you have to make the efforts that others are making. (…) Everyone just has to make an effort. Better still, you need interlocutors. And for the moment, at home, we don’t have any (whether for Nice or for Le Castellet). (…) The day when President Macron tells me that he wants to discuss to talk about the return of France, I come. If he wants to talk, I’ll be there whenever he wants to talk about it “, also declared Domenicali, during an interview granted to The Team. From now on, the ball seems in the French camp. It remains to be seen if someone will be able to take it…

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