French Chef Daniel Boulud

French chef Daniel Boulud, who has lived in New York for nearly 40 years, was named the best restaurateur in the world by the “Les Grands-Tablet du Mondes” association for his pioneering restaurant “Daniel”.

The association, which includes 184 international restaurants, considered that Boulud, who is from the French city of Lyon and who moved to New York in 1982, “embodies in the eyes of many North Americans the art of French gastronomy, or even the art of gastronomy at all.”

Boulud, 66, defines his cuisine as French, but with American products and flavours.

And the agency “AFP” reported that, in addition to the two-Michelin-starred New York restaurant “Daniel”, the chef owns other restaurants in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Singapore and the Bahamas.

“This title, the latest in a long record of awards and rewards, reflects” professional dedication and a sign of friendship and support from colleagues in a highly competitive field,” Boulud told AFP after announcing his selection.

Source: AFP

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