Freedom of the press: threat from within

Freedom of the press: threat from within

freedom of the press:threat from within

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Pressefreiheit: Holger Friedrich (links) informierte die Rechtsabteilung des Springer-Verlages darüber, dass Ex-

Holger Friedrich (left) informed the legal department of the Springer publishing house that former “Bild” boss Julian Reichelt had offered internal news from the group.

(Foto: Getty; Imago; Collage: SZ)

The debate about Springer informant Holger Friedrich has so far been irritatingly small. Now the press council has initiated proceedings for breach of professional secrecy. Good this way.

Von Georg Mascolo

This week was once again International Press Freedom Day. Reporters Without Borders published the global index showing journalists’ freedom of reporting and security. As has been the case for years, Germany has slipped down again and is now in 21st place, behind Slovakia and Samoa. The main reason for this is the physical attacks that have been increasing for years, especially in parts of the eastern German states.

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