Free-to-play action-RPG Diablo Immortal brings money to Blizzard’s coffers

Two weeks after the release, Blizzards Diablo Immortal grossed about $24 million for the studio, according to Appmagic.

Diablo Immortal brings coal

In an estimate it shared with GameDev Reports, the analytics company said the free-to-play game was downloaded almost 8.5 million times over the same period, with 26 percent of the downloads coming from the US. Most of Blizzard’s revenue Diablo Immortal also comes from America. To date, US players have contributed about 43 percent of all game revenue. To put Immortal’s early financial success in context, Hearthstone, the only other mobile game Blizzard has currently released, made about $5 million in May. Despite all the prophecies of doom, the waiting time of almost four years has now paid off – in the truest sense of the word.

Fans are therefore more likely to worry about what this means for the future monetization of Activision Blizzard titles. For the time being, however, this fear appears to be unfounded. Rod Fergusson, general manager of the Diablo-Franchise recently said that Diablo 4 via a different approach to monetization systems than Immortal would have. “To be clear, D4 is a full-price game designed for the PC/PS/Xbox audience”he tweeted after the game’s recent show at Microsoft’s recent Summer Game Fest presentation. Separately, Blizzard announced this week that Overwatch 2 would abolish loot boxes. But this title is also free-to-play – let’s see what the company has come up with for it!



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