Only a week, and the third season of the most exciting and exciting Royal Pass event in the PUBG Mobile game ends, to approach the season of distributing prizes, gifts and rewards that include different intensity and in abundant quantities, so that players can buy items and tasks that enable them to complete the race and strong competitions with others, especially with the provision of A number of new additions, various weapons, multitasking, clothes, skins, dances, etc., as well as a glider that resolves many conflicts within the Karakin map.

Royal Pass Awards

It is worth noting that the Royal Pass is different from the Battle Royale, so there are many differences between them, and each has many advantages, but the first has the advantage of offering many valuable gifts and prizes that reach the point of obtaining additional free torments, at the end of each chapter of the game. During the competitions you participate in and skip the difficult levels, and survive as long as possible.

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PUBG widgets prices

As for the prices of the intensities of the PUBG through which you can get the wrenches against the currency that you can choose, whether the US dollar, the Saudi riyal or the Egyptian pound, you can charge 60 intensities for the amount of 1.2 US dollars, or the equivalent of 4.5 Saudi riyals, while you can get 325 intensity at a price of 5.3 US dollars, or the equivalent of 20 Saudi riyals, but if you want to get 660 intensity, you can pay 10.6 US dollars, or the equivalent of 40 Saudi riyals, and the 1800 intensity is worth 23.7 dollars, or 90 riyals.

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Shipping via midasbuy

As for fast and confirmed shipping, it is through the . website midasbuy, then choose between shipping or redeeming gifts, and in the case of shipping, you can choose the electronic payment method – then the number of bundles you want to buy – then press OK after registering personal data, player ID number and electronic payment card number.

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