Free for Android and iOS: These 19 pro apps are currently free

Once again we have put together a list of apps and mobile games for iOS and Android for you. They are all actually paid apps, but you can download them for free for a limited time.

Week after week, I ask myself whether you read the text in front of the links at all, or whether you continue to scroll as a matter of routine. Maybe I’ll check that out soon by simply writing down a recipe for a very famous apple pie instead of pointing out the character of this article to you.

But this time I’ll try the traditional way: sometimes we find promotions on Google Play and the Apple AppStore. As part of these promotions, you can download these premium versions for free. With Android, we usually know how long the offers will remain free, but with Apple it is unfortunately a blind flight. So feel free to write to us if an app in the following list changes from free to paid.

And one more thing: Unlike our list of the five best apps of the week, we don’t look too meticulously at quality here. So check out what you’re shoveling onto your phone beforehand.

Also free for 1 month:
Over 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

And now two quick tips:

  1. Read our article that tells you what to look out for when searching for free apps on the internet.
  2. Install an exciting app even if you don’t need it at the moment. You can delete it immediately after downloading it, but it will remain in your library free of charge. That way, you can always reinstall them for free whenever you feel like it.
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Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are available for free in the Google Play Store

  • Binary Calculator Pro (0,99 €): Performs fast binary calculations. The functions include addition, subtraction and division. (also in German)
  • Network Cell Info & WiFi (1,99 €): Network Cell Info is a comprehensive mobile network and WiFi monitoring app with measurement and diagnostic tools (5G, LTE+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM). Network Cell Info helps, among other things, to resolve reception and connection problems. (also in German)
  • Speed View GPS Pro (0,99 €): Speed ​​View GPS tracks speed, distance, time, position, start time, elapsed time, average speed, top speed, altitude and more. You can even switch between car and bike speedometer.

Free games in Google Play Store

  • Stone of Souls HD (0,99 €): Action horror with RPG elements, where mysterious corridors and dungeons, many spooky monsters and quests are waiting for you. It’s time to take on the role of a hero and rid the world of this great evil!
  • Stickman Master: Shadow Fight (1,99 €): Become the legendary ninja master in this offline game. Let your heroes collect powerful weapons and armor – and show your enemies what phase is with the blade. (also in German)
  • WindWings: Space Shooter (1,99 €): As a soldier lost in time, in this space shooter you choose from two different planes suitable for different situations. You have to save the world from the aliens once again.
  • Moto Bike Racer Pro Fighter 3D (7,99 €): Perform motorcycle stunts while shooting down other gangsters. The game is a cross between motocross maniacs and road rash.
  • Modern US Sniper Shooter 3D (2,49 €): There are a variety of missions in this 3D FPS game where you choose from advanced sniper weapons in different combat situations.
  • Defense Zone 2 HD (2,99 €): This is a classic TowerDefense title that offers tons of crisply difficult levels with great graphics. Sometimes you have to puzzle or try a lot until you find out which weapon you use to kill the respective opponent. (also in German)
  • Data Defense (4,99 €): Play the tower defense genre in a whole new way with this game set in cyberspace. Protects your servers from a variety of glitches, bugs and viruses.
  • Burning Fortress 2 (1,00 €): A very simple tower defense game that pits you against the AI ​​with your wits and your armies. It’s easy enough that even younger players have a chance.
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Free apps for iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • Juice Watch (4,99 €): Monitors the remaining battery life of your iPhone on the Apple Watch. This makes it easier and more convenient to be up to date.. (also in German)
  • Sandbox Planet (11,99 €): Simulate the solar system on your phone by constructing your own planet!
  • Seismometer – Earthquake Alert (0,99 €): This is a potential lifesaver because the app is an earthquake meter and alarm to keep in your pocket and warn you of an earthquake when it happens.

These games are free for iOS

  • Scary Mortuary Assistant Game (0,99 €): As such games are, you find yourself in a hospital full of dead people. And also that these dead don’t really stay dead for long is not an exclusive idea of ​​this game.
  • Everybody’s RPG (0,99 €): PvP and single player battles in an RPG with a traditional 16-bit look.
  • Car Driving Sim (0,99 €): This is a realistic open world multiplayer racing game that offers different aspects like parking, racing and even auto tuning! Put on a virtual reality avatar and meet real players in online mode!
  • Slo Mo Boy (2,99 €): This is an epic slow motion game where you control your character through various obstacles in classic slow motion action! (also in German)
  • Cosmic Frontline AR (2,99 €): In one of the most visually stunning AR strategy games yet, you can soar to the stars, colonize new worlds and conquer enemy planets while preparing your vast fleet of starships for the greatest battle the galaxy has ever seen. (also in German)
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So, happy downloading and a great weekend! Tuesday there will be the next batch of free games and apps.



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