Free beta for the portal shooter Splitgate is here – including crossplay!

#The free online portal shooter Splitgate will be released on July 27th after a major overhaul – but fans can get started today for free on PC and consoles, as the open beta is now live.

With cross-play and cross-gen gameplay on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, fans can get a sneak peek of what to expect later this month when they line up, hop in, and start questioning. Players can register here for more information or go straight to the platform of their choice to play!

The Splitgate Free Beta includes a taste of one of the new maps to be released on July 27th, a limited time Beta Battle Pass with ten free ranks that can only be unlocked during the beta, a new game mode called Showdown and much more. Fans can hone their skills before the start and prepare for the only game that offers competitive and fast-paced multiplayer gameplay with the completely unique twist of player-controlled portals.

Splitgate appears with repeatable challenges, leaderboards and more than a dozen game modes, as well as over 20 maps, each with its own unique setting and play style. The maps include a research facility in an active volcano, a luxurious underwater hotel, an alien crash site, a futuristic tree house, an abandoned mine and much more. Each map has its own look and feel and plays in a unique way and rewards players who use their tactics in the fast portal battle of Splitgate adapt to the circumstances.

Interested players can learn more about the game by visiting or following the game on Twitter.

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