Frédéric Vioux will make you love physics with “Physics for those who don't like it”

Frédéric Vioux will make you love physics with “Physics for those who don't like it”

There was already “Physics for Dummies”. There is now also “Physics for those who don’t like it”. Some notions of this discipline, sometimes seen as cold and distant, modestly told by a professor of physical sciences.

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Frédéric Vioux is a professor of physical sciences. And he embarked on an undertaking that was perilous to say the least. Restore in the minds of all people the tarnished image of this scientific discipline that he has been teaching for nearly 30 years. Tired of hearing the parents of his students talk about “disinterest”of “disenchantment”d’“apprehension” even or of “abstract discipline disconnected from the world”Frédéric Vioux has decided to write to those who don’t like physics — and chemistry, for that matter.

Son bookpublished by Éditions L’Harmattan, is therefore aimed, as you will have understood, at the greatest number, with a noble ambition: “Fight against manipulators who seek brain flatism”. Based on a nice illustrated object “capable of seducing the most refractory to the physical sciences”, he hopes. All in less than 200 pages, “not to scare”. And even if it means soon proposing a “Physics for those who are beginning to like it” or “Physics for those who mistakenly thought they didn’t like it and who finally, after reflection, in spite of themselves…”.

A bit of curiosity for physics

Thus, the story that Frédéric Vioux tells us begins a bit like a joke. By this tasty anecdote on the appearance of the term « Big Bang » that you all know, Futura readers. The term. But maybe not the anecdote. Has your curiosity been piqued? So much the better. Because “What distinguishes us from whelks is first of all our ability to be curious, and sometimes, to marvel”recalls the professor of physical sciences.

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The rest of his story? A bit of mechanics and particle physics, a bit of astrophysics and chemistry too. And if these fields seem a little too familiar to you, perhaps you will want to introduce them in an original way to someone around you who does not like physics. Because it’s a safe bet that there are a lot of people around you who don’t like it…

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