Fred VanVleet wouldn’t trade Scottie Barnes for Kevin Durant

Serge Ibaka presents a very special show where he torments his guests. The principle is simple, the Spaniard prepares a tea with insects and asks questions to his guest, if the latter does not want to answer them, he then indulges in the famous drink. During the last episode, it is Fred VanVleet who goes to the lie detector to confirm his unfailing loyalty.

To see him propped up – hat screwed on his head – in a kitchen preparing little surprises would almost make us forget that Serge Ibaka is still an NBA player. After cooking up Giannis Antetokounmpo, the former Blues slugger invited Fred VanVleet to a very special afternoon tea.

Once the fond memories of the Raptors epic were recalled, the 2019 NBA champions got down to business. Serge Ibaka did indeed ask the double V if he preferred to be in crushed on Kyle Lowry or Kawhi Leonard but most of all if he would be willing to trade Scottie Barnes to lure Kevin Durant to the far North. After a slight period of hesitation, Freddy balances his answer: it’s no. Scottie Barnes is his teammate, but the former G League player is a “loyal guy, not a trader”, so this is Serge Ibaka taking a sip of cricket stock.

In addition to the good-natured aspect of the show, the question must have crossed the offices of Jurassic World this summer when Kevin Durant asked for his plane ticket in the office of Sean Marks. At that time, Toronto was one of the most “likely” destinations, only downside, the Canadian board did not want to release its nuggets in exchange for the snake.

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No Scottie in the parcelno trade, and everyone stays at home. If KD continues to swing insanity upon insanity since the start of the season, Scottie Barnes alternates between hot and cold with 14.4 points, 6.6 rebounds and 5.2 assists in 17 games. A contribution in line with his rookie season, but Raptors fans probably expect a little more from insideespecially on his play in isolation which he clearly needs to improve to reach a new level.

Source text: How Hungry Are You?, Serge Ibaka.



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