Fred Savage was fired from the reboot: The Wonder Years

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Mexico City / 08.05.2022 07:53:27


Fred Savage, 45, and former star of the series ‘The Wonder Years’ in the late 1980’s, was fired recently during the recording of the reboot of the series, where he served as director and executive producer, allegedly for inappropriate behavior.

According to Variety, some employees began to complain about Savage’s behavior during the shoot. Although at the moment the exact reasons for his dismissal have not been given, they assure that A Disney spokesman has already confirmed the accusations and departure from production.

We were recently made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage and, as is policy, an investigation has been launched.. Upon completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as executive producer and director of ‘The Wonder Years,’” he told Variety.

Savage and inappropriate behavior

This It is not the first time that Savage has received this type of accusation for his behavior. In 1993, Monique Long, costume designer of ‘The Wonder Years’ sued him for sexual harassment, the worker pointed out that the actor repeatedly made proposals to go out: “Oh, Monique, I am so in love with you. Please have an affair with me.”

Alley Mills with whom he shared the screen, stated in 2018 that the cancellation of the original series had been a result of that lawsuit. Mills called the lawsuit “ridiculous” and came to Fred Savage’s defense, saying he was a harmless human being.



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