Franz Fischlin “touched” by viewer reactions

SRF figurehead Franz Fischlin leaves the station in the summer. The 58-year-old is showered with praise on social media. He thanks in a tweet.

the essentials in brief

  • Franz Fischlin moderates the main edition of the “Tagesschau” from 2004 to summer 2022.
  • The viewers find his departure a great pity.
  • Fischlin already thanks Twitter for the “farewell gift”.

Nobody expected that: Yesterday, Wednesday, SRF announced that “Mr. Tagesschau» Franz Fischlin (58) leaves the station.

Susanne Wille’s (48) husband took over the moderation of the main edition of the “Tagesschau” in 2004.

Fischlin’s departure is a great loss for SRF. The readers also see it that way. A survey shows: 82 percent of readers think it’s a shame that the 58-year-old is quitting his job.

The termination of the 58-year-old was also received with regret on social media. The users wish the moderator all the best and thank him for his confident reporting.

Fischlin had not expected so many messages. «I’m just overwhelmed by all the wonderful posts from you. Sorry for not liking or replying. But I can assure you: I see and read them all,” he writes.

He was “touched and grateful”. “What a parting gift.”

Franz Fischlin will moderate his last “Tagesschau” in the summer. His successor has not yet been decided.

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