Düsseldorf He was always a figurehead of the General Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt, the specialist and disciplinary authority for all public prosecutors in Hesse. Starting with the elegant suits worn by the chief prosecutor or the furnishing of his office. Because it had little of a Spartan office, but almost something homely with the high-quality furniture and all kinds of personal items. Above all, the investigator enjoyed an impeccable reputation for his personality. Quiet and factual, very binding, accessible in principle, but also sometimes very determined – in short: extremely serious and honest.

Numerous lawyers fell almost out of every cloud today when the news of the arrest of the chief prosecutor spread at lightning speed, there was incredulous horror. The 53-year-old top official is said to have cheated on his authority for 15 years. The official and his alleged accomplice, a 54-year-old entrepreneur, were arrested on Wednesday, as the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office, which controls the investigation, confirmed.

In a joint raid by the Hessian State Criminal Police Office, the State Criminal Police Office in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Customs Investigation Office in Frankfurt am Main and the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office, ten objects were searched, including the apartment of the official and his business partner. Both have been in custody since then.

The public prosecutor suspects the officer of having enriched himself at the expense of the authority and accuses him of commercial bribery. He is said to have ensured that expert opinions for the analysis of numerous facts from criminal investigation proceedings were always given to the same company. In the past ten years, the company is said to have generated more than 90 percent of its income from expert remuneration from judicial authorities – a total of EUR 12.5 million.

In return, the accused official received part of the proceeds as so-called kick-back payments – from August 2015 to July 2020 alone, more than 240,000 euros. The official is said not to have taxed the money.

When they were searched, the officers found four-digit cash and secured electronic data carriers. In addition, the investigators made arrests to secure the skimming of assets. The public prosecutor did not want to comment on further details.

According to information from the Handelsblatt, the manager of another company was also involved in the possible fraud. It too is said to have benefited from irregularities in the awarding of orders. Her company’s motto: “Experience, trust”. It was also commissioned by other public prosecutors on the suspect’s recommendation.

Questionable contract award in medical criminal proceedings

Specifically, according to Handelsblatt research, it is about expert opinions from medical criminal law procedures, such as IT forensic preservation of evidence and clarification in investigative complexes about possible billing fraud by doctors and hospitals. If you listen to lawyers, it is said that the senior prosecutor has given many such contracts to the outside world, and almost always the same company has been involved. Some people were a little surprised, but there was no real suspicion.

The company and one of its experts are said to have recently overthrown each other, who then left the company. At the end of June, it can be viewed online, the employee’s power of attorney expired, as a result of which both parties are said to have filed criminal charges for betraying the secret.

These arguments may also be a starting point for the prosecutor’s investigation. In a press release, the public prosecutor’s office merely stated that the investigation was based on a criminal complaint from the personal environment of the official. Investigators are said to have been investigated since 2019.
According to Handelsblatt information, the high-ranking official has so far not commented on the allegations against the investigators. He has worked as a public prosecutor in Frankfurt since 1998 and became head of the agency in 2009. The man has been teaching at the German Judge Academy and the Police Academy in Hesse for 15 years.

The Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office is said to have recently stopped working with the company he has switched on, and other public prosecutor’s offices are also said to do so, according to legal experts.

The lawyers of the two suspects in custody have so far been unavailable for inquiries.

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