Frank Ocean disappoints fans with his performance at the Coachella festival

Frank Ocean disappoints fans with his performance at the Coachella festival

More than six years after his last live performance, musician Frank Ocean’s performance at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California marked one of the highlights of the first weekend. But the eagerly awaited show massively disappointed many fans. (Also read: Frank Ocean sells cockrings for a whopping 31,000 euros)

Frank Ocean: Comes too late, plays too short

The foreboding that Frank Ocean’s gig might not quite live up to fans’ expectations began with the announcement that the rare live performance would not be streamed via YouTube, although it had previously been announced that it would. As the disappointments continued, many fans could no longer hold back on Twitter. The reason: The singer only appeared on the stage of the music festival almost an hour late, so that his planned two-hour performance had to be ended abruptly after 60 minutes due to the curfew. (Also interesting: These male celebrities are taking a stand against toxic masculinity)

So fans let their anger run wild on Twitter. One user wrote: “UPDATE! Frank Ocean is delayed because he can’t feel his face anymore. He seems to have smoked something. Novacane maybe?” [Anmerkung der Redaktion: Anspielung auf seinen Song “Novacane”]

Another Twitter user thinks he knows the reason why Frank Ocean was late for his own performance: “Frank Ocean wakes up on Sunday evening and only then remembers that he has to perform at #Coachella.”

Another fan was also disappointed with the performance, but was at least happy about the rare appearance:

One user found it particularly bad that Frank Ocean’s set was not shown live on YouTube: WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH ‘FRANK OCEAN’S SET WILL NOT BE STREAMED LIVE’ WTF #Coachella

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Neither Frank Ocean himself nor representatives of the festival or the streaming platform YouTube have so far commented on the singer’s failed performance.

2020: Fateful year for Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s performance, which has left many fans frustrated, comes three years after he was first announced to headline the 2020 Coachella festival. However, the show was postponed at the time due to the global corona pandemic. 2020 was also the year Frank Ocean lost his then 18-year-old brother, Ryan Breaux, who died in a car accident.

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